TV room to Cinema Room Transformation


“From Basic to Brilliant”

Located in Sydney’s North West suburb of Box Hill, right by Nelson, Grantham Farm, North Kellyville and McGraths Hill, we recently completed this project transforming a simple TV room into a state-of-the-art cinema room. This comprehensive makeover not only elevated the aesthetics but also enhanced the audio-visual experience to match that of a deluxe movie theatre.

Our client’s vision was clear: to convert their basic TV room into a cinematic haven where they could enjoy movies, sports, and gaming in unparalleled comfort and quality. Our team was tasked to incorporate high-end equipment and luxurious finishes while maintaining a cozy and inviting ambiance. The centerpiece of this transformation is the BenQ 4K projector, renowned for its exceptional image clarity and color accuracy. Complementing the projector is a 120” Screen Pro projector screen, offering a vast, crisp canvas for viewing pleasure. To envelop the room in rich, detailed sound, we installed a 5.1.2 KEF in-wall and in-ceiling speaker system. This setup creates a 3D audio environment, making every movie and game feel incredibly immersive.

At the heart of the room sits an AV lowline entertainment unit, stylish yet functional, housing all the essential audio-visual components. The unit’s sleek design seamlessly blends with the room’s decor. A key feature is the Star Light Ceiling, mimicking a starry night sky, creating a magical viewing experience. Complementing this are LED strip lighting and smart LED downlights, which can be adjusted to set the perfect mood for any occasion. Acoustic panels were also strategically placed around the room to optimize sound quality, reducing echoes and enhancing the clarity of dialogue and soundtracks.

To further enhance the comfort and visual appeal, the room was fitted with plush carpeting, adding warmth and a soft underfoot. Green velvet cinema curtains were installed, not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their sound-dampening qualities. The room was given a fresh coat of paint in a color that complements the overall theme and enhances the cinematic ambiance.

Lastly, new double sliding doors were installed, offering both privacy and ease of access. This feature adds to the room’s functionality without compromising on style, with all parts and labour carried out by our professional team here at Home Entertainment Solutions!

The transformation of this basic TV room in Box Hill into a luxurious cinema room is a testament to our team’s commitment to quality and attention to detail. Every aspect was carefully selected to create an immersive, comfortable, and visually stunning cinema experience. Are you looking to elevate your movie nights at home? We service all of greater Sydney and the Central Coast – give our team a call today to arrange a complimentary quote where we can bring your ideas to life!

Project Inclusions

BenQ 4k projector

120” Screen Pro projector screen

5.1.2 KEF inwall and inceiling speaker system

AV lowline Entertainment unit

Star Light Ceiling

LED Strip Lighting

Smart LED downlights

Acoustic Panels

Plush carpeting


Double Sliding Door

All parts and labour

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