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Home Theatre


Home Theatre is difficult to define — it’s really just a vague term for a particular approach to Home Entertainment. Generally speaking, a home theatre system is a combination of electronic components designed to recreate the experience of watching a movie in a theatre. When you watch a movie on a home theatre system, you are more immersed in the experience than when you watch one on an ordinary television.


The installation of home theatre systems can be a daunting and difficult task if you’re not experienced in the audio visual field. If you attempt to install home theatre equipment yourself, you may be left with a jungle of cables, underperforming system due to improper calibration, or a whole heap of equipment that’s simply difficult to use.

If you’ve invested in a home theatre system, try to get the most out of it by using a qualified AV professional who knows how to create the WOW factor. At Home Entertainment Solutions we have a team of experts that can deliver just that, “the WOW factor”.

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Home Theatre is all about being comfortable, so that you have the gold class experience all day, every day. The team at Home Entertainment Solutions can help you choose the perfect cinema room chairs to complete your gold class experience. We can supply and install well renowned home theatre lounges from industry leading brands such as Manhattan New Yorker Pro Series or even custom design a lounge to meet your requirements, with all the bells and whistles.


The team at Home Entertainment Solutions can design a theatre that meets your specific needs – whether that’s luxurious and elaborate or straightforward. We take your room’s dimensions and layout into careful consideration, as well as the optimal size and types of video display, lighting controls, interior design, home theatre acoustics, furnishings, and whether or not to integrate free standing or concealed components.

Whether your building a new house which includes a media room or modifying an existing room to make it a cinema room your first point of contact should always be a designer, and at Home Entertainment Solutions we have inhouse designers that can bring your space to life and make it look and feel like a gold class theatre.

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tv wall mounting


Are you looking to get your TV wall mounted to have that aesthetically pleasing look?

Are you looking to get rid of those messy and ugly cables sitting behind your TV cabinet?

Well you’ve come to the right place. Home Entertainment Solutions can offer clients the best service in TV wall mounting and concealing of cables inside the wall cavity. No longer will there be awkward viewing angles or large entertainment units which collect mass amounts of dust over time.

When you engage us for your TV wall mounting needs our service includes the following:


  •  Safe installation of your TV with the right bracket and fixings.
  • Concealing of cabling and cords inside the wall cavity.
  • Connection of all external devices to the TV.
  • Programming and calibration of your TV.

This is what you can expect when you engage us for your TV wall mounting needs:

  • Brush wall plates or grommets
  • Cabling concealed inside wall cavity (cables cost extra)
  • Audit of connected equipment
  • Cable management for cabling to achieve the cleanest results
  • Reconnection of equipment to TV
  • Programming of TV for optimum picture and sound
  • Tutorial on operation

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Sound & Light

led strip lighting

LED strip lighting can be very effective and pleasant to look at when placed around the perimeter of the room or wall, around a projector screen, in the coving of a bulkhead or around the perimeter of a starlight ceiling, where it provides an indirect light source and makes the room feel larger.

To improve the atmospheric effect of a starlight ceiling, you may want to consider adding LED edge lighting or LED strip lighting and take the home theatre room to another level of gold class cinema experience. If you are considering dedicated home cinema seating with a raised platform LED strip lighting on the steps is crucial for safety, visibility and that real cinema effect.

 LED strip lighting is installed when we are doing the overall fitout of your home theatre for a fully integrated look. It can also be dimmable, coloured and controlled via your tablet or mobile phone device.

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multi-room audio

Ever wondered what multi-room audio actually means? Well its simpler than it sounds!

Multi-room audio is all about distributing sound in different zones throughout your Home and controlling these zones through manual switching or an automated device such as a tablet or a mobile phone device. Some examples of zones may be a living room, family room, kitchen/dining, rumpus, garage, bedrooms, alfresco or an outdoor Entertainment area.

But how does it all work, you might say?

Well, we typically start with a consultation to determine the number of zones you would like at your property. Than, based on the number of zones we can advise on the number of speakers and options to control these zones, whether that be manual or app controlled.

You might also ask, what type of speakers do we offer?

Most of our clients want something that is discrete and visually appealing but also sounds great, so we typically recommend inceiling or inwall speakers. However, we can also provide surface mounted speakers on fixed or swivel brackets, bookshelf speakers, wireless speakers, floor standing speakers, or portable speakers. Name it and we’ve probably got it!

Home Entertainment Solutions will work with you to design, supply and install a multi-room audio system that is cost effective, user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and definitely great sounding.

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star light ceilings

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your very own starry night ceiling? Well, you’ve come to the right place because at Home Entertainment Solutions we can make it happen.

Our starlight ceilings will add a stunning feature to your home theatre, creating the perfect setting for a night at the movies. Fitted with fibre optic LED lights that shine through acoustic panels with a black velvet finish, the starry night sky can be brought right into your home with amazing detail.

They are custom built right here in Sydney and designed to your specifications. The technology is equally impressive, utilising the latest lighting methods and highly efficient use of long-lasting fibre optic LED lights that conserve power. The fibre optics create an effect with intricate detail for an awe-inspiring cinematic experience. They will simply elevate the WOW factor!

Home Entertainment Solutions offers a comprehensive selection of fibre optic star ceiling lighting solutions to suit the needs and specifications of our customers.

Our fibre optic star ceiling systems and products can be easily adapted to suit any indoor space and will create a dazzling and impressive display that will truly transform the room. We can provide a reliable and hassle-free installation to have your new starry ceiling set-up and connected in no time at all.

To experience the beauty of fibre optic stars on your ceiling, or to learn more about our fibre optic star lights, make sure you get in touch with our skilled and knowledgeable team today.

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CCTV Camera Surveillance Systems are great for home owners who are keen to keep a continuous eye on their property and any suspicious activity that may present themselves in and around their home & street.

If you want total peace of mind knowing your home is protected 24/7, than you’ve come the right place. Home Entertainment Solutions can design, supply and install market leading security system packages to meet our client’s needs. We install leading brands such as Dahua, HIKvision, Secutech HD, and Swann.

The first step is to understand what your needs are through our free consultation process, and then tailor a system to suit your unique requirements – because we understand that every client wants their home and belongings protected.

All our security systems are available at very competitive rates.

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We are fully licensed and insured to keep your home safe.
Master Security Licence Class: MB, Licence Number: 000107126

home intercom

If you want to add another level of security to your home we also supply and install video and audio intercom systems. This makes access to your home safer, allowing you to identify visitors before opening the door.

Home Entertainment Solutions can provide systems that include audio and video feed back to the inside of your home or mobile phone through an app, allowing you to monitor the front entrance locally or remotely before letting guests into your home.

Some of the leading brands that we supply include Ring, HIK vision, Dahua, Panasonic, Kocom, and Futuro.

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sound proofing

So what is the purpose of soundproofing a room?

The purpose of soundproofing is to block external noises from entering the room and keep internal audio from escaping the room. It’s difficult to block one hundred percent of sound waves from entering or escaping a room but achieving a significant amount of noise reduction is feasible.

Without a doubt, if it’s done right, soundproofing really does work. The key to the success of any soundproofing treatment lies in product selection and quantities required to trigger the sound effects you are seeking.

The first stage of soundproofing that we offer is internal acoustic insulation which is typically installed during construction stage of the home. The second stage of soundproofing is referred to as acoustic wall panels that come in many shapes, sizes and colours. Alternatively, if the house is already built, then stage 2 can be applied straight away to improve the rooms acoustics.

If you’re looking to improve the sound dynamics in your cinema room then soundproofing is one of the best methods. Home Entertainment Solutions can offer a multitude of soundproofing solutions to suit your unique requirements.

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A home theatre platform is exactly what it sounds like: a built platform for the back rows of home theatre recliners.

So why do some people put home theatre risers in their media room? Well, viewing angles, of course! You’ve just spent all this time and money on your home theatre – why not elevate it to next level. If your setup is going to include multiple rows of home theatre seats or recliners, you have to consider the viewing angle of each row separately. And that means you need home theatre riser platforms. Because honestly, how much fun is watching a movie while constantly trying to look around the back of someone’s head? Or having to crane your neck at a screen that’s too high for comfortable viewing.

Need to figurre out the ideal height of the Riser Platform?

There are a few variables at work here that are all important because one affects the other, which affects the next, and so on. First step is to get the measurements of the home theatre chairs you chose so you know the height. Then add an estimate height for if people’s heads will go above it. Okay, now we get to the math:

  • When installing or marking out the first row of home theatre seating, sit in the chair and look at the projector. Is the center of the screen slightly above eye line, but comfortably so? Find that sweet spot and adjust the projector screen until it’s just right.
  • Calculate that viewing angle. You can do this with the help of a friend, a mobile phone camera, and a little sine-cosine-tangent work.
  • Now measure the distance of the second row from the projector screen. How much more height does the second row need so that their viewing angle is the same as the first row’s?

This method works for home theatre seating that’s arranged into 2 rows. Usually, this means the projector screen sits somewhere between 2 and 3 feet off the ground, and the home theatre riser platform for the second row is usually at least 1 foot above the first row.

Our platforms are custom built in Sydney to suit any shape and size by using only high quality local materials.

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If you have gone to the trouble of creating a dedicated cinema room for watching movies, then you certainly need to finish the project off with some heavy duty custom home theatre curtains. Cinema room curtains not only look fantastic but they are an essential component for any home theatre.

When considering curtains for a home cinema room it’s important to think about the benefits you can gain if you choose correctly. Blockout curtains are both practical and stylish and can provide you with the best cinematic experience when installed correctly. Blackout options will reduce the amount of light that will enter your home cinema and therefore reduce reflections on the screen which will greatly improve your cinematic experience.

You’ve probably invested a fair amount of money on the equipment in your home theatre. Speakers, Projector, and the screen itself all come at a cost, so you need to ensure you are getting the most from your chosen setup. You should think about your choice of curtains in the same way. Your home cinema curtains may not cost as much as the technology side of your home theatre, but you should still allow some sort of investment to achieve a gold class experience.

Soundproof or acoustics curtains are thicker than your standard curtains. Heavier fabrics that are tightly woven or those with better quality linings will absorb sound and reduce the acoustic reflection off of the glass windows and walls of the room. Therefore, providing a much better cinematic experience. If you have chosen to add a sound system to your home theatre setup then adding acoustic curtains is a must.

These soundproof curtains will not only reduce the vibrations inside the room but they will also block noise pollution from entering the room via your windows. This means less distraction from the outside world and a more immersive movie experience for all.

If you’re currently in the market for the perfect curtains for your home cinema room, then you’ve come to the right place. At Home Entertainment Solutions, we supply and install many types of cinema room curtains with different styles to suit your unique requirements and taste.

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A dedicated cinema room can be a fun place for families to gather and enjoy a good movie (or a bad one!). It might be tempting to paint and decorate it like you do any other room in the house, but this can negatively affect the performance of the room.

When painting a media room, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

1) Go Dark!

The first thing to keep in mind is that TV screens reflect their surroundings. Projector screens take this a step further… they amplify and reflect any light source.

This means that a brightly coloured room can reflect onto the screen, causing a distraction even when the lights are off. The simplest way to fix this is by painting the media room with a mid-tone or darker colour.

There is a reason movie theatres are all painted black. While this is the easy, obvious choice, this doesn’t always work with the style of the house and is just too dark for many people.

Therefore, dark greys and deep maroons tend to be popular home theatre colours. A deep, dark red looks stunning, like you’re in a real theatre, but still performs well when the lights are off.

2) Make Sure the Paint is Flat!

Thepaint sheen you choose is important, and this is true again when painting a media room. A flat or matte sheen is your best bet. While it shows wear quicker and is a little hard to clean, a flat finish will reduce the amount of reflections from the screen. This is ideal for the least distracting movie experience.

3) Keep It Neutral!

This is very important and often overlooked. No matter what colour you choose, you want to make sure it is a neutral colour. Since the screen is reflecting the room, the colour of the wall can actually distort the colours you see on the screen.

Even blacks and greys have shades that are a little too red or a little too blue. Most paint stores will have a selection of neutral shades to choose from, or be able to tell you if a colour is neutral or not.

Dulux has some popular neutral dark shades that we use a lot when painting cinema rooms.

And being neutral doesn’t just mean staying with grey and black. Deep reds and blues can also be neutral colours.

At Home Entertainment Solutions we will collaborate with you to find the best colour for your cinema room and ensure that the painting is done to a high-level of workmanship.

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People often come to us asking what carpet they should use in their home cinema, this is not surprising as choosing the right carpet is a very important decision and it is often a significant investment. If you don’t want to make any costly mistakes you can get in touch us for a free consultation and quote. Otherwise, here are some tips:

1. Durability

You want to get as much life as possible from your carpet and if your cinema is going to be used regularly, it will need a hard-wearing carpet. Due to advances in textile technology your choices aren’t just limited to traditionally hard-wearing fibres like wool anymore, certain brands now have high-quality synthetic carpets that can compete with and outperform wool carpet.

2. Look

The carpet you choose for a room has a big impact on the final aesthetic of the space. Whether you are trying to achieve a modern architectural look, or transform your cinema into a luxurious old-world abode, you need to consider how elements like colour, style, pattern and composition will add to (or subtract from) your overall design. When it comes to carpet style, plush & cut pile tend to have a more formal look, while loop pile and sisal are more casual. And when choosing colours, you need to think about how they may affect your screen image, bright colours can reflect onto your screen and throw off the colour calibration, but if you really want a bright colour or pattern, a good AV calibrator can often offset these effects.

3. Feel

The feel of a carpeted floor is affected by the carpet composition, style, thickness, density and underlay. Certain fibres like wool can feel quite rough but can be softened by blending the wool with a soft synthetic, while fibres like silk and some art-silk carpets feel unbelievably soft and luxurious. Also, plush and cut pile carpets tend to feel softer underfoot than looped styles.

4. Noise Transmission

Acoustics are important in every room of your house, especially your home theatre – you don’t want to be paranoid about disturbing the neighbours or waking the kids when you’re watching your favourite action movie. Carpet is the best flooring choice for cinemas because it works as an absorber, but it is also important to choose a good quality underlay that is specifically made to reduce sound leakage. If you need to know more about sound isolation techniques for your home theatre, you should contact our team, as carpet & underlay are just the tip of the iceberg for creating a gold class cinema experience.

Never overlook the power of carpeting! A carpet for a cinema room will immediately change the ambiance and deliver an authentic touch to the room. Our movie theatre carpet collections offer stunning colours and incredible quality.

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wifi boosting

Does your home ever have slow WiFi speeds, poor reception or connection issues and you just don’t know what to do?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Home Entertainment Solutions, we can offer optimisation solutions that will boost your WiFi signal throughout your home.

Our experienced team of technicians will design, supply and install a dedicated WiFi booster system using state-of-art current technology to improve the WiFi coverage in your home and finally get rid of those annoying signal issues.

Through our free consultation process, we will determine the root cause of the WiFi issue and provide a rock solid solution to end your disappointment in WiFi connectivity.

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