All Inclusive Cinema Room


“The Gold Standard”

Home Entertainment Solutions have set a new benchmark when we unveiled this masterpiece: an all-inclusive cinema room installation in Jordan Springs, just a stone’s throw from Cranebrook, Penrith and Cambridge Gardens in Sydney’s West. This installation exemplifies the pinnacle of home cinema luxury and a new gold standard for the Home Entertainment Solutions Team, combining cutting-edge technology with sophisticated design elements to create an immersive cinematic environment. Completed in just one week, this project epitomises our commitment to delivering turnkey solutions of uncomprimising quality.

At the heart of this custom-designed cinema room is the Epson TW9400 4K projector, known for its exceptional picture quality and color accuracy. This high-end projector, paired with the ScreenPro 130” Acoustic projector screen, ensures an ultra-realistic viewing experience, making every movie night a special event.

Audio quality is paramount in any home cinema, and this installation does not disappoint. The room features a powerful array of speakers, including three KEF Ci4100QL THX in-wall speakers, four KEF Ci160.2CL in-wall speakers, and four KEF Ci160.2CR in-ceiling speakers. These are complemented by two Proficient 12” subwoofers, delivering a rich, dynamic sound that envelopes viewers in every scene.

The Marantz MM7055 power amplifier and Marantz Cinema 50 AV receiver are the brains of the operation, seamlessly integrating the audio components for a flawless acoustic experience. The precision engineering of these components ensures that every whisper, explosion, and musical score is heard with crystal clarity.

A key feature of this cinema room is the Screen Science Sky@night star light ceiling. This innovative installation adds an extra layer of ambiance, transporting viewers to a different world under a starry sky. The premium Belair twist jet black carpeting, Red Velvet Cinema Curtains and Skynight Black room paint enhance the room’s visual appeal, creating a luxurious and immersive atmosphere.

The room’s design also includes architectural lighting and LED strip lighting, which can be adjusted to create the perfect mood for any film. The AV cabinet provides a sleek and organized space for all equipment, while the raised timber platform and red velvet cinema curtains add a touch of classic movie theatre elegance.

For optimal sound quality, acoustic diffuser panels have been strategically placed around the room. The timber slat and acoustic wall not only improve the audio experience but also add a modern aesthetic touch to the space.

Understanding that such sophisticated technology requires expertise to operate, Home Entertainment Solutions has provided comprehensive customer training. The installation includes all necessary cabling, labor, programming, and calibration, ensuring that every component works in perfect harmony for the ultimate home cinema experience.

This project in Jordan Springs stands as a testament to Home Entertainment Solutions’ commitment to delivering high-end, customized home theatre systems. It represents the perfect blend of technology, design, and functionality, offering an unparalleled cinematic experience right in the comfort of your own home.

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Project Inclusions

Epson TW9400 4K projector

ScreenPro 130” Acoustic projector Screen

3 X KEF Ci4100QL THX inwall speakers

4 x KEF Ci160.2CL inwall speakers

4 x KEF Ci160.2CR inceiling speakers

2 x Proficient 12” subwoofers

1 x Marantz MM7055 power amplifier

1 x Marantz Cinema 50 AV receiver

Screen Science Sky@night star light ceiling

Premium Belair twist jet black carpeting

Skynight Black room paint

Architectural lighting

LED strip Lighting

AV cabinet

Raised timber platform

Red Velvet cinema curtains

Acoustic diffuser panels

Timber slat and acoustic wall

All cabling and labour

Programming and calibration

Customer training

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