Cinema Room Transformation


“A total transformation!”

Located in St Andrews which is in Sydney’s South West right by Raby, Minto, Ingleburn and Escholl Park, this home was undergoing some renovations to make way for a cinema room that the whole family could enjoy. This project showcases the seamless integration of high-end audiovisual technology within a meticulously designed interior which we were requested to keep ‘not too dark’ by the client. From construction and prewiring to the final touches of decor, every aspect of this cinema room has been crafted to deliver an unparalleled home entertainment experience.

The goal for this cinema room transformation was to create a space that not only delivers an immersive viewing experience but also blends seamlessly with the home’s overall design. This required careful planning and coordination, especially during the construction and prewiring stages. This foresight was crucial for embedding the advanced audiovisual system into the room’s architecture, ensuring that cables and hardware would be invisible to the eye, yet perfectly placed for optimal sound and picture quality.

A raised timber platform was constructed to provide tiered seating, enhancing sightlines and contributing to the authentic cinema feel. This feature not only elevates the audience for an unobstructed view but also adds a warm, natural element to the room’s decor.

At the heart of the audio experience is a KEF Dolby Atmos sound system, featuring 5 in-wall speakers and 4 in-ceiling speakers. This setup envelops the room in rich, detailed sound that moves around the audience, creating a truly immersive listening experience. The inclusion of a 15” Proficient subwoofer ensures that the audio experience is as deep and resonant as it is clear and detailed. This powerful subwoofer brings movies to life, adding depth and intensity to every scene. The Denon AVC-X3800H AV receiver sits at the core of the system, expertly managing the audio and video signals to deliver a seamless entertainment experience. Its cutting-edge technology guarantees that both visuals and sound are in perfect harmony.

Visuals are projected through an Epson TW7100 4K projector onto a 120” ScreenPro acoustic projector screen. This combination ensures crisp, vibrant images that maintain their clarity and color accuracy, even in ambient light. The screen’s acoustic properties allow sound to pass through unimpeded, ensuring that the front speakers’ audio is as impactful as the visuals.

To enhance the acoustic environment and block out external light, black velvet cinema acoustic curtains were installed to help block out light from the large windows and double glass sliding doors. These curtains also contribute to the room’s sound insulation, preventing echo and sound leakage, and their luxurious texture adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.

The room’s transformation was completed with gyprocking, painting, and the installation of timber flooring all delivered by the Home Entertainment Solutions team, which together creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. A double glass sliding door was installed for easy access while ensuring sound insulation, whilst the AV rack was meticulously organized to house the various components of the audiovisual system, ensuring that they are both accessible for maintenance and hidden from view to maintain the room’s sleek appearance.

This cinema room in St Andrews is a testament to what can be achieved when technology and design converge. Every element, from the sound system to the decor, works in harmony to create an immersive cinema experience that rivals any commercial theatre, all whilst hitting the brief on the client’s design and aesthetic preferences. Want to bring your home cinema dreams to life? Give us a call! Home Entertainment Solutions are a team of fully qualified and experienced AV technicians ready to tackle your cinema room transformation anywhere in greater Sydney including the central coast. 

Project Inclusions

Pre-wiring during construction phase

Raised Timber platform

KEF Dolby Atmos sound system with 5 inwall speakers and 4 inceiling speakers

15” Proficient subwoofer

Denon AVC-X3800H AV receiver

Epson TW7100 4K projector

120” ScreenPro acoustic projector screen - 3 speakers are placed behind this screen

Black velvet cinema acoustic curtains



Timber Flooring

Double glass sliding door

AV rack

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