Cinema Room Upgrade


“An enhanced experience!”

Located in Sydney’s South West suburb of Denham Court, just a stone’s throw from the growing Macarthur areas of Gledswood Hills, Catherine Field, Leppington and Bardia, this project focused on upgading an existing cinema room by integrating high-quality audio-visual components and aesthetic refinements, highlighting that even minor enhancements can significantly elevate the viewing experience. 

The challenge was to revamp an existing cinema room into a state-of-the-art entertainment space without undertaking a complete overhaul. The client sought improvements that would not only enhance the visual and auditory experience but also create a more enveloping and aesthetically pleasing environment. The solution involved a series of upgrades; the cornerstone being the installation of an Epson TW7100 4K projector, renowned for its exceptional clarity, contrast, and color accuracy. Complementing this visual marvel, a 110-inch ScreenPro fixed acoustic screen was chosen for its superior picture quality and sound-permeable fabric, ensuring that audio from the in-wall speakers was unimpeded and crystal clear.

To achieve an enveloping soundstage, three KEF Ci160 in-wall speakers were strategically placed behind the projector screen, delivering detailed and dynamic front-channel audio. Two additional KEF Ci160 in-wall speakers served as surrounds, creating a cohesive sound field that enveloped viewers in every scene. The immersive audio experience was further elevated with two KEF Ci160 in-ceiling speakers for Atmos, adding a three-dimensional audio layer that brought the cinematic experience to life.

A Denon AVRX1800H AV receiver, the nerve center of this setup, ensured seamless integration and control of all audio components, delivering powerful, distortion-free sound. The inclusion of a KEF Cube12B 12” subwoofer added depth and intensity to the audio experience, with its precise bass response ensuring that every explosion and soundtrack nuance was felt as much as it was heard.

Understanding the importance of an immersive environment, the room was painted in Dulux Black Skynight, a choice that not only enhanced the visual contrast and depth of the projected image but also contributed to a focused, cinema-like atmosphere. This color scheme, combined with the strategic placement of speakers and screen, created a cohesive and immersive space dedicated to cinematic excellence. The calibration process fine-tuned audio and visual settings to the room’s specific acoustics and lighting conditions, guaranteeing an optimal viewing experience.

Last but not least, comprehensive customer training was carried out, ensuring that the homeowners could maximize their enjoyment of the new system from day one. We believe our team here at Home Entertainment Solutions have created a sanctuary for film enthusiasts, where every viewing is an event, and the magic of the movies is just a button press away!

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Project Inclusions

Epson TW7100 4k projector

110 ScreenPro fixed acoustic screen

3 x KEF Ci160 inwall speakers behind the projector screen

2 x KEF Ci160 inwall speakers for surrounds

2 x KEF Ci160 inceiling speakers for Atmos

1 x Denon AVRX1800H AV receiver

1 x KEF Cube12B 12” subwoofer

All cabling

Calibration and customer training

Painting of room to Dulux Black skynight

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