Garage Transformation to Cinema Room


“Worth the wait!”

The Home Entertainment Solutions team are so excited to reveal this cinema room transformation at a home in the Macarthur suburb of Narellan Vale that was 3 weeks in the making, where we have converted a single garage to a cinematic oasis for this lucky family!

When it comes to creating cinematic experiences at home, this can often lead homeowners to consider spaces within their properties that are ripe for transformation – in this case, it was an unused single garage. This transformation was not only about creating a space where family and friends could gather to watch movies and their favourite shows but also about crafting an immersive experience that rivals that of a commercial cinema.

The project’s vision was clear from the outset: to transform a standard single garage into a luxurious, state-of-the-art cinema room. The homeowners wanted a space where the audio-visual experience was paramount, without compromising on comfort and style. To achieve this, a comprehensive plan was developed by the HES team that included advanced audio-visual equipment, acoustic treatments, and custom-designed interiors.

Central to the transformation was the installation of an Epson LS12000 laser 4K projector, known for its exceptional picture quality and colour accuracy. This was paired with a 130” 16:9 ScreenPro acoustic screen, allowing for crisp visuals and a wide viewing angle, ensuring every seat in the house was the best seat.

The audio setup was designed to envelop the audience in sound, utilizing 3 x KEF Ci4100QL THX in-wall front speakers, 4 x KEF Ci4100QL THX in-wall surround speakers, and 4 x KEF Ci200QR in-ceiling speakers. This arrangement created a seamless 3D sound environment, further enhanced by 2 x SVS PB2000 subwoofers for deep, impactful bass. To drive this impressive array of speakers, a Marantz MM7055 power amplifier was installed, paired with a Marantz Cinema50 AV receiver, ensuring that the audio quality matched the visual spectacle on screen.

Understanding that the physical environment is as crucial as the technology, the room underwent significant modifications. A new timber wall with 13mm plasterboard and internal soundshield insulation was erected, complemented by acoustic sound panels to minimize sound travel externally. Custom-made acoustic panels with COB RGB LED strip lighting and RGB star light ceiling with acoustic treatment were installed, creating an atmospheric ambiance that can be adjusted to match the mood of the content being viewed.

Comfort was not overlooked, with the installation of Valencia electronic recliners on a raised timber platform, ensuring an unobstructed view for all. Grey plush carpeting and architectural gold wall lights added to the room’s luxurious feel, providing ambient lighting that complements the overall experience.

To enhance the tactile sensation of bass frequencies, 6 x Dayton 300W Bass Shakers were integrated into the seating, driven by 2 x 200W Dayton bridgeable amplifiers. This setup ensures that viewers not only hear but feel the action!

The transformation also included a new automated garage door, a black coloured AC split unit for climate control, and comprehensive electrical and cabling work to support the new technologies. All equipment was meticulously programmed and calibrated for optimal performance, with the homeowners receiving thorough training on how to use their new cinema room to its full potential.

This conversion of a single garage into a cinema room represents a pinnacle for the Home Entertainment Solutions team. By combining cutting-edge audio-visual technology with custom-designed interiors and acoustic treatments, this project has set a new standard for what can be achieved in home theatre. It stands as a testament to the possibilities that lie in reimagining and repurposing existing spaces within our homes for experiences that bring us together in unparalleled enjoyment and comfort.

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Project Inclusions

1 x Epson LS12000 laser 4K projector

1 x 130” 16:9 ScreenPro acoustic screen

3 x KEF Ci4100QL THX inwall front speakers

4 x KEF Ci4100QL THX inwall surround speakers

4 x KEF Ci200QR inceiling speakers

2 x SVS PB2000 subwoofers

1 x Marantz MM7055 power amplifier

1 x Marantz Cinema50 AV receiver

6 x Dayton 300W Bass Shakers for seating

2 x 200W Dayton bridgeable amplifiers

RGB star light ceiling with acoustic treatment

Custom made acoustic panels with COB RGB LED strip lighting

2 x Architectural gold wall lights for ambient lighting

Grey plush carpeting

Custom made acoustic panels with COB RGB LED strip lighting

New timber wall with 13mm plasterboard, internal soundshield insulation and acoustic sound panels to limit sound travelling externally

Raised timber platform


Valencia electronic recliners

New automated garage door

Black coloured AC split unit

All electrical works

All Cabling

All Labour

Programming and calibration

Customer training

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