Razorback Home Theatre


“Does it get any better!”

Nestled in the scenic Wollondilly suburb of Razorback, located in Sydney’s South West right by Camden, Picton and Menangle, this complete home theatre installation is a testament to luxury and cutting-edge technology. Designed for an immersive cinematic experience, every aspect of this project reflects the pinnacle of home entertainment.

At the heart of this installation is the Epson LS12000 laser 4K projector, ensuring crystal clear, lifelike images. Complementing this is the 140” 16:9 ScreenPro acoustic projector screen, crafted for superior visual quality and acoustic transparency. For immersive audio, the setup includes 3 x KEF Ci3160 THX in-wall front speakers and 4 x KEF Ci4100QL THX in-wall surround and surround back speakers. These are augmented by 2 x KEF Ci200QR in-ceiling speakers and the powerful SVS SB4000 subwoofer, creating a 360-degree soundscape. The Marantz MM7055 power amplifier and Marantz Cinema50 AV receiver form the control hub, providing seamless integration and control of the audio-visual elements.

What really sets the room off are all the luxury aesthetic finishes, from The Sky@night star light ceiling which adds a touch of magic, transforming the room into a celestial experience, along with the ceiling LED strip lighting offering adjustable ambiance. The room is also adorned with Belair twist jet black carpeting and black velvet cinema acoustic curtains, ensuring both acoustic excellence and aesthetic appeal. Lastly, the Manhattan electronic recliners offer the ultimate in comfort, allowing viewers to relax in style. And to really enhance the experience, our team installed 4 x Dayton Bass Shakers, delivering a tactile dimension to the audio, making every scene more engaging- check out the installation photos in the gallery below! Every detail, from the painting to the precise installation of all cabling, was handled by our skilled professionals, ensuring a flawless finish.

Our client in Razorback desired a home theatre that not only delivered exceptional performance but also seamlessly blended with their home’s existing elegant interior and we believe we have delivered on that brief. The result is a breathtaking home theatre that stands as a beacon of technological excellence and design sophistication. Whether it’s for a family movie night or hosting friends for a sports event, this home theatre installation in Razorback promises an unparalleled audio-visual experience.

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Project Inclusions

Epson LS12000 laser 4K projector

140” 16:9 ScreenPro acoustic projector screen

3 x KEF Ci3160 THX inwall front speakers

4 x KEF Ci4100QL THX inwall surround and surround back speakers

2 x KEF Ci200QR inceiling speakers

1 x SVS SB4000 subwoofer

1 x Marantz MM7055 power amplifier

1 x Marantz Cinema50 AV receiver

4 x Dayton Bass Shakers

Sky@night star light ceiling

Ceiling LED strip Lighting

Belair twist jet black carpeting

Black Velvet cinema acoustic curtains


Manhatten electronic recliners

All Cabling


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